OnGo Water

The packaged mineral water from WhiteLeo has essential health constituents meant to improve your energy from within. It not only quenches your thirst but also supplies the body with vital nutrients needed to remain energized throughout the day and cope with the rigors of daily life.


The packaged water that we make available to you is produced to deliver three key advantages for your health.

1. Anti-oxidant
The water is fortified with hydrogen that has 10x the amount of anti-oxidant power of green tea. This will improve your internal functioning and improve immune system
2. Alkalinity
Remove the oxidative stress caused by pollution and banish acidotic elements from within the body, by sipping a cool glass alkaline-enriched water
3.Active Detox
If you think that your RO water is good for detox purposes, then check out the hydrogen water from us at WhiteLeo. The water is 20 times more effective than RO water and offers holistic body detox