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ONGO Water

ONGO WATER propagates the significance of consuming pure and nutritious water for vigorous growth.

About ONGO Water

Mineral water, being in its purest form, is the source to cure health issues. It is an age-old remedy to keep fit. It consists of the elements like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc ETC, which are essential for the body to detox, repair, & cure internally.

WHITELEO packages drinking mineral water infused with the goodness of these nutrients meant to improve your energy from within. It not only quenches your thirst but also fulfills the body requirement to keep you energetic, hydrated throughout & helps overcome the rigors of daily life.

Maxium Purity

ONGO WATER considers purity as the prime obligation. Hence it always has a timely check on the purification of mineral water to keep it free from unsafe bacteria.

5 Steps Filtration

ONGO WATER follows a strict filtration process to eliminate harmful bacteria & other elements. The water passes through 5 steps process to retain its purity & safe consumption.

Cholorine Free

The purification process often includes the chemical chlorine to disinfect the water. ONGO water has examined the threats of chlorine on the human body & hence they produce chlorine-free drinking water.

Quality Certified

ONGO WATER always focuses on manufacturing pure & safe drinking water. It conducts periodic quality check-ups and Produces officially certified drinking water that assures guarded consumption.


The packaged drinking water that we offer comes along with a lot of health beneficial factors.

1. Anti-oxidant
Anti-oxidants are elements that repair and prevent cell damage. The water is purified & guarded with hydrogen that is 10x the power of green tea. It is an essential nutrient that helps improve the internal functioning & fortifies the immune system.
2. Alkalinity
Eliminate the oxidative stress caused by pollution and banish acidotic elements from the body by sipping a chilled glass of alkaline-enriched water.
3.Active Detox
We package mineral with the goodness of nature without losing its original form. It consists of essential minerals that help to drain body impurities through a holistic body detox.



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