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FARMCONNECT is the upcoming source to satisfy the need for daily groceries. It delivers fresh farm greens right at your doorstep. Available in WILSTOP.


FARMCONNECT supplies fresh greens from different parts of the world. It comprises of daily groceries with nutritional benefits. In a world full of pesticides and artificial farming, FARMCONNECT collects only greens that are natural & safe to consume.

Quality is a priority & never is there any compromise. It has a pleasant range of products that are healthy as well as delicious & are customized to suit your preferences. It now provides delivery to customers & supermarkets.

Why Choose Us

Eat More Healthily

FARMCONNET supplies fresh vegetables rich in nutrients that are essential for a healthy internal system. Relish the goodness of vital nutrients along with its mouth-watering taste. Healthy food is the root of a healthy future.


FARMCONNECT eases the stress of obtaining daily groceries. Order freshly hand-picked produce right from the farm to your doorstep. It's that simple via FARMCONNECT! It renders convenient services that are flexible & customized needs.

Pesticide Free

We believe that the consumption of nature should be at its purest kind. Hence FARMCONNECT acquires only natural vegetables grown without the use of any harmful chemicals to attain its nutritious perks.

Community Connection

FARMCONNECT has an excellent community connection. It reaches out to its customers all over & several supermarkets, building a healthy relationship. Customer service is its prime motto due to which it is always available for reviews.

Garden Terrace Solutions

Terrace gardening is the best way to produce & consume the most organic and nutrients in its raw form. Consuming fresh greens keeps away from all the illnesses. Along with pure harvest, it also allows you to have a good peaceful time with nature. Terrace farming has its benefits not only a provision for organic greens but also serves during summers.

The harvest provides a cooling surface to the roof of your flat, resulting in lowering the room temperature. It also creates a healthy environment improving the air quality for serene living. If you own a terrace flat & also are keen to harvest, then why not convert your terrace into a mini agricultural land? You could be the farmer to your harvest and attain the goodness of your cultivation. This method allows you to know what exactly it needs for a good yielding without the use of pesticides and also its nutritional values.



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